Shapefile Editing and General Mapping by EverlyMap.
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Free Shapefile Editor
Desktop Application 
(Professional Quality GIS Mapping for all experience levels)
Create, Import , Export , and Edit Shapefiles.

> Create and edit composite maps.The term “Map” is taken here to mean a collection of shapes, polygons, polylines,
open rings, filled circles, PhotoMaps,and photographs contained in a single “*.dgp” file which may be displayed together or
>Print maps in a customized professional looking format.
>Supported Projections include State Plane, UTM, Albers Equal Area, Lambert Conformal Conic, 
   and  Lat/Long (unprojected).
>Datums include NAD83 and NAD27 and  WGS84.
>Projection files (".prj") are used automatically to get the correct projection settings
when importing and Exporting shapefiles.
>Create Map using Deed Survey calls*. Establish approximate Lat/Lon of all Corners if two found by GPS.   Accuracy limited to the particular GPS used .*These maps have no legal standing, Not comparable to those by a professional Surveyor !
>Include Photographs linked to Map Objects. Makes your map more interesting and informative.Not supported for shapefile export.
>Object Linking makes precise mapping of Cemeteries and similar structured landscapes simple.(You choose a Base Object then pick other Objects to be located relative to the Base. When they have been picked, the existing offsets are measured and installed automatically. Actual example from a Map: Plot #12 is offset  S6'11.8",W50'2.8" From Plot 26. Afterward Plot #12 can be automatically moved south another 16 feet by editing S6' to be S22'. It's that simple.)
>OrthoPhotos are automatically Georegistered and placed at the bottom layer of your map. For the
purpose of tracing objects to edit and create map objects and shapefiles.
>EverlyMap  provides one-click downloads of the 1 meter per pixel USGS orthoimagery. Digital Orthophoto's from the servers in a convenient 500 meter sguare format in WGS84.
>EverlyMap also provides assisted downloading 
3.75-minute DOQQ OrthoPhotos, from in NAD83. These are automatically warped to WGS84 for use within EverlyMap,~10,500 acres in KY. Varies by Latitude
>Both Image formats are encoded with GeoTIFF data which is used to automatically georeference them. They are positioned and cropped to form perfectly seamless coverage.
>Image processing and placement of the orthophotos are completely automatic and require no assistance* from the user! (*Other than clicking a point on your map to designate what area is to be included in the OrthoPhoto download.)


Current Engine Version 7.0 (Last Pub. May 17, 2017 )  Compare the New EverlyMap to the best Shapefile Editor you have ever used for ease and simplicity- yet powerful enough for serious Mapping.
Updates will continue to be Published here as needed.Your Previous Map Work is preserved unchanged when you Update!
(You will be switched to a SECURE https: Greenbar Website for the actual download!)

EverlyMap is Freeware! 
Click the BLUE "Download EverlyMap" link below . The file is digitally signed and encrypted for your protection.

EverlyMap is Freeware!---Totally!!!.... forever.

Download EverlyMap 
EverlyMap is Windows 8 Compatible. 
Windows® and the Windows logo are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.
Your download should start automatically. Double-click the downloaded file "EverlyMap Setup.exe" to install EverlyMap.

Would you like more Information about EverlyMap before trying it? Download the "EverlyMap User Guide" below.:
EverlyMap User Guide

EverlyMap Setup.exe installs the latest version of "EverlyMap" and the User Guide "EverlyMap.rtf".
It also creates a workspace in your Documents Folder named  "User\Documents\EverlyMaps\" which includes the tutorial map "Lime.rtf".

New: Now includes "A Country Home.dgp" with ideas you might use to make your own interesting and creative maps.

After Installation run EverlyMap and click <File> and then  "Lime.dgp" on the  list of "recent files" to open the example Map "Lime,dgp". The "Map Guide", "User Guide", and "onscreen prompts" will lead you from there.

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